ERP Consultants Offer End-to-End Support


Your organization could attempt to embark on an ERP journey on its own without the guiding hand of a reliable ERP consultant. But with all the challenges – expected or unexpected – that could arise during implementation or ongoing maintenance, it is still best to enlist the help of a trusted ERP consultant for end-to-end support.  

ERP consultants specialize in end-to-end support for your ERP needs, ranging from software selection to upgrades and maintenance. Here are some of the benefits you’ll experience when you partner with an Epicor ERP consultant like 2W Tech: 

  • Hands-on service – In-person, hands-on ERP help, and training is what you’ll get with an ERP consultant instead of web chat support.  
  • Business process modeling – ERP consultants take a detailed approach to understanding your fundamental business processes. By participating in business process modeling, consultants can look at every task you need to be supported by an ERP system and even find areas of improvement in your workflows. This will help your ERP system maximize enterprise productivity.  
  • Other solutions – Vendors won’t recommend solutions outside of their products. However, consultants often create many of their own solutions or develop relationships with multiple providers to ensure clients have access to the best systems and services for various aspects of their business.  

An ERP consultant is especially critical for your first ERP implementation. ERP consultants mitigate risk through end-to-end support so your organization can avoid common project pitfalls. Consulting firms employ industry experts who can help you map your business processes and find areas that could use improvement.  

There isn’t much of an argument for NOT using an ERP Consultant. The question more becomes which ERP consultant can you choose. 2W Tech is a full-service ERP and IT consulting firm that offers end-to-end support for Epicor systems, including installations, upgrades, maintenance, training, etc. Give us a call today and learn how this Epicor Gold Partner can help. 

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