Reporting Tools

Epicor now offers advanced tools to help you customize your installation without having to do source coding. These Epicor reporting tools offer a lot of crucial information for your business’s productivity and can instantaneously gather the information you need so you no longer have to spend time doing it manually.

2W can offer training on these advanced tools and work with you to get the tools to work the way that best suits your organization. Epicor ERP 10 does not make it easy to use your existing ODBC Crystal Reports, so 2W can help you with Crystal conversions to SSRS.

Here are some of the Epicor reporting tools we can offer expertise with:

  • Epicor Business Activity Query (BAQ)
  • Epicor Business Project Management (BPM)
  • Crystal Reports
  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
  • Data Conversion
  • Data Import or Export
  • Dashboard Creation

Looking for pre-built Epicor reports to save time and money?

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