Project Management

2W Tech has experienced Project Managers on staff who specialize in making your Epicor projects run as smooth as possible. Whether it is time for an upgrade, enhancements, customizations, or a little of everything, let our group of professional Epicor and IT experts manage your Epicor initiatives. 2W Tech follows five steps in every project:


The discovery stage is completed with a written project scope.


A “blue print” is created that outlines system requirements, resources and timelines.


The system is launched and configuration begins, followed by the testing of system functionality.


Business operations are tested and all business procedures are properly documented.


A detailed go-live plan is created and implemented, including training.

Many companies either dedicate a full-time staff member for an extended period of time or contract outside the company for an Epicor project manager. Pulling a full-time staff member away from their regular job is not effective for your business, nor is the time and expense of recruiting a new employee. 2W offers expert project management capabilities for every Epicor ERP project we undertake, so that our clients do not have to take-on the burden. If you are looking to upgrade to Epicor 9, Epicor 10, or Epicor 10.1, do not go into it without expert help and project management skills.