Implementation & Upgrade

2W Tech offers custom Epicor implementation solutions for those upgrading or implementing Epicor for the first time. We have helped hundreds of customers maximize the robust capabilities their Epicor ERP software offers.

Whether you are upgrading from Vista 4, Vantage or moving from a later version of Epicor, 2W Tech can customize a solution for your specific situation. We can help you implement or upgrade Epicor 9, Epicor 10, Epicor 10.1, or any version of Epicor you may need. Our project management includes a written plan to ensure your project comes in on time and on budget. We offer expert consulting, support and guidance throughout the life cycle of your Epicor ERP software.

Inspired to do more: Top reasons to upgrade to Epicor version 10.

  1. Blazing performance: 10X faster server response time for purchase orders with a 2,000 concurrent user load, increasing transactional speed and efficiency.
  2. Proven stability: More than 80% of backlog issues have been eliminated, enhancing usability and quality.
  3. Room to expand: 4X scalability gain, accommodating business growth with a more efficient use of hardware

We mirror Epicor ERP’s five stage signature implementation methodology, which allows our expert Consultants to follow documented and proven processes to ensure your Epicor ERP implementation or Epicor upgrade is a success.