Implementing an Epicor ERP system into your organization is a very large investment and when left on its own device, will leave you very disappointed. You spend months in the selection process, you spend several more months in the installation process, you spend even more time getting all your users trained. You get to experience the joy knowing you had a successful ERP project and all your hard work has paid off. In reality, you should only give yourself a short time to bask in your newest achievement. Your work with your ERP system is just beginning, not ending. Epicor services and ongoing support is a very integral part of meeting and exceeding the expectations your business has with your ERP.

No ERP system comes out out of the box and fits the need of every company that purchases it. Prior to beginning your ERP project, your business had specific needs and goals that you wanted this new system to accomplish. This list of business outcomes is what should drive the Epicor services you need. 2W Tech not only helps transition your new Epicor system within your organization, we continue to work with you to ensure you are maximizing the benefits the system can offer you

Eventually your company will need to change or upgrade programs to better suit your needs. Whether it’s a patch, or a new version, our team will make sure each upgrade is properly installed and that all integrations are working as they should. We offer ongoing training and customizations to ensure that you are utilizing Epicor in the best way possible.

2W Tech is an Epicor Gold Partner and has over 30 years experience working with Epicor solutions. Epicor is the leading manufacturing ERP solution. Give us a call today and learn how our team of ERP Consultants can help you maximize your Epicor investment with an extensive line-card of Epicor services and products.

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