The success of a project is critical to the bottom line, yet many businesses struggle with projects always running behind schedule or over budget. A successful project only happens when you have strong project management over every aspect of your business solution. Epicor ERP software offers many features and modules to their software and one of the most crucial to your organizations success is the project management software that is embedded within. Epicor Project Management is a comprehensive solution for project managers who plan and execute projects that require intricate phases and strict project billing.

Epicor Project Management Epicor Gold PartnerProject Management utilizes the supply chain logistics from Epicor, as well as the detailed estimation, planning, scheduling and costing. This comprehensive solution includes project planning, resource management, time and expense management, and billing and revenue recognition functionality to guarantee compliance with contract requirements and accounting standards. Imagine how much easier project management becomes with accurate and up-to-date status information, meaningful alerts and embedded project analysis and reporting.

Epicor Project Management is designed to support the needs of industries with a project orientation. It provides flexible Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) capabilities for multilevel project phases. Build on a service-oriented architecture (SOA), the solution also enables continuous performance initiatives, real-time connectivity and intuitive business intelligence. This solution is scalable, flexible, configurable and allows for greater business agility.

2W Tech is an Epicor Gold Partner and has ERP Consultants on staff that specialize in Project Management solutions. Give us a call today to learn more about Epicor project management and how it can help your business carry out successful projects.

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