Dashboard & Gauges for Epicor ERP

Unleash the POWER of Epicor to Make Informed Decisions Faster

Epicor 10 Users: Do You Know the Daily Pulse of Your Business?

Need customized Dashboards, Gauges, KPIs for your Epicor ERP System? 2W Tech’s Gauges for Epicor product powered by BrightGauge is designed to help executives get a snapshot of their business in one central place. Designed for use with Epicor 10, this agent uses your SQL database to provide the custom analytics needed to meet the demands of your business. Dashboards display the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) that are important to your organization with the ability to drill down into the details. You choose the frequency at which your data is refreshed. You can control the access to your data and customize the dashboards based on your needs. The choice is yours.

Identify a Trend Before It Becomes a Problem.

Your ERP system is the heart of your organization. Every day, thousands of records from every department are added to your system. How are you accessing this information?

2W Tech’s Gauges for Epicor Was Designed to Help Identify Problems You May Not Know About
  • What is Our Customer On-Time Delivery?
  • How do Sales Compare to Budget?
  • What is Profitability by Customer – Product line – Part?
  • What is the Status of Our Accounts Receivable?
  • What is Our Productivity by Department – Work Center – Resource – Employee?
It’s Your Data: Isn’t It Time to Let It Work for You?