Epicor Partner Support: Maximizing Your Investment Today and Tomorrow


Are you getting the most out of your Epicor investment? Are you looking to grow or replace your ERP?
As we talk to our clients and work with companies trying to address specific needs, we find a central focus on solving a particular problem. With standard software solutions, this is a straight forward assessment.
However, when looking at core functionality to address a specific need, many times the ripple effect through the workflow is left out of the conversation.
These considerations are very important when looking at a comprehensive solution.
What goes into the finance operations, needs to connect to the production operation, which may need to connect to suppliers and on and on.
women_building_blocks_800_clr_7871Looking first at a solution to your problem and then the workflow around it will pay huge dividends. Your initial investment in a system for your immediate needs and future possibilities leads to evaluating a growth solution.

Workflow Considerations

Now that you have mapped out the workflow, considerations need to be made on an initial investment for the core solution of your needs. In that investment you should be aware of the flexibility of the solution or “customizations” allowed. All industry solutions may have standard processes but most, if not all, companies in their particular industry tweak those processes to meet their unique requirements.
Flexibility is a double edged sword. It will give you what you need but will also require a longer analysis to make sure you cover as many potential needs in the future as possible. As the old adage says, “Measure twice and cut once”.

Support and Partner Considerations

Lastly, and one of the most important decisions is support and ongoing upgrades for your investment.
When you are comfortable with the workflow, the functionality, the flexibility, and the ability to meet your needs, how are you going to support the application and future needs as they arise? Hopefully in the process of reviewing your workflow, you have defined the immediate needs and their priorities, along with what you will grow to when you are ready.
Will your application be current? Will your support arm be there? The decision to choose a partner with your goals in mind is as important as all the rest. A solid installation, training, and general knowledge transfers are paramount to any implementation of a comprehensive solution.
What started out as searching for a solution to meet a specific need will lead you a number of other decisions that will be in play for years to come. Taking the time to review all the pieces will save you time and money in the long run and will allow you to reach achievable goals when planning for the future.

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