Epicor ERP 10

Looking to Upgrade to Epicor 10? 2W Tech ha‎s completed hundreds of Epicor upgrades and would be happy to work with you to figure out if an upgrade makes sense for your business. If you are running a legacy Epicor ERP system, 2W can help you understand what you have now and what your system would look like upon upgrading. Epicor 10.1 is now available. Learn more here.

Top reasons to upgrade to Epicor 10:

  • Blazing Performance: 10X faster server response time for purchase orders with a 2,000 concurrent user load, increasing transactional speed and efficiency.
  • Proven Stability: More than 80% of backlog issues have been eliminated, enhancing usability and quality.
  • Room to Expand: 4X scalability gain, accommodating business growth with a more efficient use of hardware.

Are you taking advantage of the Configurator module?

When you implement Epicor ERP 10, the Configurator Designer functionalities are now divided among the entry programs and no longer a single entry program as in Epicor ERP 9. 2W Technologies has expert Consultants on staff with both Epicor ERP 9 and Epicor ERP 10 and can help you with both your upgrade, and maximizing the functionality of your system.