Enrich Your Business with Managed Services


Resource constraints are still affecting most industries, couple that with the overall complexity of managing IT environments, and you have many organizations struggling with their technology. Businesses are having difficulty finding and retaining qualified workers and are running short-handed as it is. Add the pressure of keeping up with an ever-evolving technology landscape and many businesses are finding themselves in a tough position. This is where managed services come in.

There is a wide variety of managed services available to organizations to support internal IT teams through a combination of people, tools, and processes. This frees up their valuable internal resources to focus on critical work rather than on basic day-to-day tasks.

Managed service providers (MSPs) have a portfolio of skills and resources that organizations can rely on to supplement their internal IT teams. MSPs have specialized teams consisting of certified engineers and consultants focused on diverse types of technology that can provide in-depth expertise. This gives a business the peace of mind that the IT work is being done properly and at the pace of technological acceleration we are seeing today.

Hiring an MSP is not like making a new hire of one person. An MSP brings a combination of people, processes, and tools delivered as a 24/7 service. For example, when 2W Tech gets an alert of our monitoring system, we know exactly what steps to take. We can effectively and efficiently triage, address, remediate, and report back on each incident, regardless of what the alert is.

Another example is organizations often struggle to keep up with patching of their environment due to conflicting priorities, lack of resources and lack of automation. Leaving systems unpatched creates a security risk. 2W Tech brings resources to proactively maintain patching of critical IT assets through proven methodology and enterprise class tools governed by service-level agreements.

Organizations can take advantage of a wide variety of managed services that can be deployed in a modular or holistic way, depending on the needs of the business, whether they are facing challenges related to staff, expertise, resources, or budget.

As the IT landscape continues to evolve, 2W Tech’s Managed Services programs can evolve with you. Give us a call today and begin exploring the many ways managed services can be deployed in your business. We are a one-stop technology service provider with an extensive line card of products and services. What area could our expertise help your business?

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