During Cybersecurity Awareness Month, Strengthen Your Passwords


There is no doubt that our online lives have expanded exponentially over the decades. Way back when, we had to remember a password for an email account and Myspace. Today, many users of the internet must manage as many as one hundred unique passwords, and according to a recent study by the Ponemon Institute, about fifty-three percent of people rely on their memory to manage those passwords, hopefully, strong passwords. During Cybersecurity Awareness Month, there is a focus on strengthening your passwords.

Here are some interesting, and, in some cases, troubling, facts about passwords in today’s era:  

  • According to Google, forty-three percent of adults have shared their password with someone
  • Only 45 percent of adults would change a password after a breach (Google)
  • The Ponemon Institute reports seventy-five percent of people said they do not know how to create secure passwords in the first place 
  • Password manager LastPass reports that eighty-one percent of the total number of breaches leveraged stolen or weak passwords
  • LastPass also reports sixty-one percent of employees use the same passwords for multiple platforms
  • The most used password management strategy was writing them down in a notebook (thirty-one percent). Remembering passwords was seen as a popular technique reported by twenty-six percent of participants (NCA)  
  • Twenty-eight percent of adults in the United States use the same password for all their online accounts (Business Insider)  

If you are a business owner or head of a company’s IT department, some of the statistics in this blog may come as a shock. It may be time to implement a strong password policy in your organization. Partnering with a cybersecurity expert like 2W Tech is a wise choice, as well. Contact us today and we can begin strengthening your cybersecurity posture.  

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