Don’t Believe the Myths Surrounding Artificial Intelligence


Even in 2021, there are plenty of organizations suspicious or unaware of exactly what artificial intelligence can do for their organization. 

Here is a brief myth-busting guide to help you decide how to best start your journey toward an AI-aided operation: 

1) Artificial intelligence will eliminate jobs – Not only is this myth inaccurate, but the opposite has been proven true. Scientific estimates show that AI-driven automation will likely create more jobs than it will replace. Besides that, AI in the workplace has the power to improve how people and organizations perform their duties instead of replacing humans altogether. 

2) AI is expensive – Like any innovation you introduce to your organization, AI can be introduced in small steps. An AI implementation can be accomplished on a single machine, and this single, small initiative might pay for itself in as little as 45 days. An organization with a group of similar machines might be able to pay flat fee per machine type or family and roll out the implementation one machine family at a time.  

3) Your organization is not ready – Not enough data to deploy; more pressing issues; outdated equipment: these are common concerns for companies contemplating their AI initiatives. However, there are ways to address issues like these so you can get in on the AI trend. For instance, ask yourself questions like, what is that problem costing your organization? Or If you don’t put together a plan of action, will you ever be ready to address it? 

4) You need a team of IT experts – With many vendors, you don’t necessarily need in-house staff expertise. Machine operators may see nothing different in operations beyond an alert to notify them of an issue. Also, you may not require any special training for an implementation. But you will need someone on the business side who understands the process and how to articulate deliverables for the artificial intelligence initiative. 

To help guide your organization through your AI journey, partner with 2W Tech. We are an IT consultant with vast experience guiding companies through their digital transformation. Contact us today to begin your journey to Industry 4.0. 

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