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There has been a growing awareness that employee experience is both intrinsically important and a key to productivity. Our company has recognized the need to focus on the employee experience and how by improving this, you will in return get more from your employees. There are many ways you can accomplish this, however in today’s day and age, there are digital workplace challenges that need addressed and solved.

Digital Workplace Challenges IT Consulting Firm 2W Tech

Our smartphones do a good job of aggregating alerts from multiple systems and letting us know what’s going on at all times. However, when it comes to the workplace, notifications are often spread across individual systems, such as Office 365, Epicor, ConnectWise and Salesforce to name a few. People still see their email inbox as the start point for their day, but partly this is because most digital workplaces reinforce that as the place where important things happen. Must we still use emails as a clunky way to complete transactions?

Information sources are often split over multiple systems and not indexed in a single place. Customer conversations are often omitted because they are on a separate CRM. Huge investments in training materials get overlooked because they sit on a Learning and Development system procured in isolation by HR. Marketing materials are usually scattered all over multiple systems, and usually with multiple versions. Search matters, but it is only one step in finding things, there is also browsing, trusting in the results, and the way content is written all matter too. Even the search element itself is another technology problem. but

Engaging with frontline workers is the ultimate gap most organizations need to bridge. Not just through task-specific applications, but also through business processes and knowledge sharing. Many frontline workers are familiar with their local environment, but are often isolated from the ‘bigger picture’ that should be available to everyone.

The employee experience can not be improved if on a daily basis we drain people’s ability to do important tasks by making routine tasks too hard. Efficiency can’t be achieved if we can’t improve communication, sync up business processes through the entire business and eliminate unnecessary distractions. Decision making needs to happen with current, accurate information and by relying on the insights from those closest to the customers and products. The insight from frontline workers are invaluable, but only if we engage with them and channel them into product development, service design, and business strategy.

These are big challenges to overcome, but an organization is off to a great start by treating employee experience as a strategic priority. It is important to understand that being attractive as an employer is a competitive advantage, and that an enjoyable digital workplace matters every bit as much as a pleasant office environment. 2W Tech is a full-service IT Consulting firm that specializes in technology solutions to help your business run smoother. Give us a call today and let us help you work through your digital workplace challenges.

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