Difference Between Data Security and Data Integrity


Can you have data security without having data integrity? Can you have data integrity without having data security? Data integrity and data security are related terms, each playing an important role in the successful achievement of the other. Data security is the protection of data against unauthorized access or corruption and is necessary to ensure data integrity. Data integrity is a desired result of data security, but the term data integrity refers only to the validity and accuracy of data rather than the act of protecting data. Data security is one of the measures used to maintain data integrity, as unauthorized access to sensitive data can lead to changing records and data loss.
Data Security and Data Integrity Security Solutions
Data integrity can be compromised several ways: human error, transfer errors, bugs and viruses, hacking, cyber-threats, compromised hardware, and physical compromise to devices. To help achieve data security, you need to minimize the threats against your data integrity. Backing up data regularly, limiting access to data, preventing the input of invalid data, using error detection and correction software are just a few things you can do to help maintain your data’s integrity.  There are some simple steps you can also take such as consistently and timely running operating system updates, using antivirus protection and using a firewall with appropriate settings chosen.
One important step that a company can take to help with data security is to implement user controls. Make sure only the people that need access to data have it. Keep in mind you can also control the read only and write access to the data as well. Make sure your users have credentials when logging in and make sure these are updated on a regular basis. Taking it one step further you can protect your files and utilize data encryption. The key to data security is implementing as many controls as possible and backing down a little where necessary. Over time, adjustments should be made and tightening up again is always a good idea. The world around you is changing so much that you need to ensure you are protecting your data from these changes.
Both data integrity and data security are important to any business. Customers, suppliers and partners can be affected when you can’t achieve both, so don’t put yourself and them in harms way. 2W Tech is a full-service IT Consulting firm and offers comprehensive security solutions designed to help protect organizations from all the various threats out there. Give us a call today to start moving towards achieving data integrity and security.

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