Data Analytics is a Valuable Tool for All


Data analytics is great for organizations across various industries who can benefit from meaningful insights, making informed decisions, and need their processes optimized on data. It is also great for individuals at various roles throughout the business as well.

Here are some key stakeholders for whom data analytics can have a positive impact on their job role:

  • Business Analyst: Helpful with analyzing business processes, identifying trends, and providing actional insights to improve decision making. Microsoft Power BI is a valuable tool for business analyst for data visualization tools.
  • Data Scientists: Need to be able to get advanced statistical information and utilize machine learning techniques to be able to analyze the complex datasets within the business. Data analytic tools aid them in extracting the valuable information, building predictive models, and contributes to data-driven strategies.
  • Executive Team: Provides insight into overall business performance at a glance. Selecting the key performance indicators (KPIs) that matter most to the business can help them make strategic decisions to drive organizational success. Each executive can select their own set of KPIs geared towards the decisions they are responsible for.
  • Marketing Team: Key tool in helping understand customer behavior, preferences, and the effectiveness of the overall marketing strategy and campaigns. They can tailor their strategies for better engagement and ROI. They can experiment and the data analytics helps them determine what is working and what is not, removing guess work from the equation.
  • Finance Team: Data analytics can help with financial modeling, forecasting, and identifying patterns within data to assist in budgeting, risk management, and fraud detection.
  • HR Team: Can help with talent acquisition, workforce planning, employee engagement, and performance management.
  • Operations Team: Unbelievably valuable tool for optimizing supply chain processes, inventory controls, and enhancing overall operation performance.

Data analytics can be a valuable tool for anyone in the business looking to better understand the data. It has become an integral part of modern business strategy and strategic decision-making processes. Have you started using data analytics in your business? If not, give the expert team at 2W Tech a call today. Our team would be happy to introduce you to Microsoft Power BI and can demonstrate numerous ways this tool can be used, and how it can benefit various departments throughout the business as well.

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