Cybersecurity Mistakes Commonly Made by Startups


There are so many things to consider when you are a startup business, it is no wonder cybersecurity might get pushed down the list of priorities. But that does not mean it is not as important as those first few sales or hiring the right people to help you grow.  

As you guide your startup business through its infancy, here are some common cybersecurity mistakes new organizations tend to make and how you can avoid them:  

  • Excessive access rights – To minimize the number of cyber incidents in your organization, each employee should be given least privilege – that is, access to only the data and systems they need to do their job. For startups, employees often are given access as an administrator since they may wear many hats in the organization in the preliminary stages. However, the more access each employee has, the bigger the likelihood of a cybersecurity incident.   
  • Lack of appropriate storage and backup – It is imperative to have a backup plan, disaster recovery plan and a business continuity plan in place no matter how new your company is. Startups may not have as much data as an established firm, but their data is just as valuable and should be backed up as such.   
  • Forgotten/shared passwords – Startups often deal with high turnover in the early going. So, if an employee sets up Facebook or LinkedIn accounts to establish a social media presence, or an IT (Information Technology) administrator moves on after building a database that is password-protected, how will you get into it once they are gone? Shared passwords pose their own risks, as well. A shared password increases the likelihood it is leaked via phishing, negligence, or even malicious intent. Plus, shared passwords make investigating incidents more difficult if there are numerous employees with access to them.  
  • Lack of multi-factor authentication – The simplest solution is usually the best one, and this is certainly the case for multifactor authentication. Make sure MFA (multi-factor authentication) is in place from the get-go to avoid many of the cybersecurity issues that come with accounts that are too easy for hackers to access.   

If you are a startup organization and you are unsure your operations are properly protected from cybersecurity threats, it is time to partner with 2W Tech. We are a technology services provider with IT consultants on staff who specialize in solutions for the manufacturing industry. Call us today so we can strengthen your cybersecurity posture. 

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