Coronavirus Scammers Lurk on the Dark Web


The dark web was a cesspool full of scammers and malware of all kinds long before the coronavirus took the world by storm. Today, cybercriminals have used the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic to produce new attacks of all kinds that target individuals and organizations, many of which are available on the dark web.

Some of these attacks specifically target organizations, while others take aim at individuals. While the latter may not seem like a threat to your business, with your employees using their own devices for work and personal usage these days, your network could be at risk, as well.

For example, would-be cybercriminals are sharing tips on how to sell products that claim to be virus tests or vaccines. One such offering claims to sell blood and saliva from a coronavirus survivor to boost people’s immune systems. Scammers also are targeting mobile platforms, with a surge in fake mobile apps that are primarily made for Android-based phones. These apps have been found to include ransomware, trojans and spyware.

There also have been discussions on various dark web forums about how to attack vulnerabilities that come with remote work. Exploiting Zoom, for example, has been a hot topic.

Of course, there is also the real possibility that someone within your organization has had their personal or work information leaked onto the dark web. This info can include financial accounts and cards, social media accounts, bank details, phone numbers, and databases — belonging to your organization or your employee specifically.

If a person’s personal information gets hacked, this hack can also have repercussions for the business they work for. 2W Tech a technology service provider that specializes in solutions for the manufacturing industry. We have expert IT Consultants on staff that work with Security solutions. We understand the dangers of the Dark Web and can help you business ensure all of your users and protected, therefore helping ensure your business is protected. Give us a call today and let us do a free scan of your users to see if any of them are compromised.

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