Common Pitfalls Negatively Affecting Your Cybersecurity Strategy


Many businesses rely on technology to solve their cybersecurity problems, which is an especially important piece of a cybersecurity strategy. So much time and effort go into building out effective security solutions and it is crucial to a company’s success they consider the human element that factors into it as well.

Here are common pitfalls surrounding users that negatively affect your cybersecurity strategy:

  • Minimizing users worth: There is nothing more harmful than having an us vs. them mentality, especially when it forms between internal users and outside partners. Sometimes internal users are simply overwhelmed with change. The goal is to have positive relationships with users while empowering them to be participating and willing partners in cybersecurity.
  • Ineffective communication: Using technology jargon is not effective if the users do not understand what you are talking about. You need to use simple language and speak directly to the points the users care about. The best way to get buy-in on innovative technology or strategy is by engaging the user on how it can impact their daily lives in a positive manner.
  • Overloading users with too much responsibility: Users that have too much on their plate unwittingly become threats themselves. Offloading some of the burden on the user can go along way with getting their buy-in. Implementing company policies and controls that can be done at an admin level, can help better protect your users and removes the tasks from them. Tighter security measures can also mean fewer phishing emails that get through your server.
  • Using negative reinforcements: This can include publicly shaming an employee or taking something away from them for non-compliance on an issue. Try positive reinforcement or rewards for appropriate actions taken against cyber threats. Try to foster a cheerful outlook around the use of security measures within the business.
  • Incomplete training: Sometimes training can be boring or other times it can be too complex for users to absorb the necessary information. Training is not complete once it happens, there needs to be ongoing training and checks and balances to ensure the correct knowledge transfer happened.

There are many organizations that have effective cybersecurity strategies in place that appropriately manage the risk of human error. However, these misconceptions remain prevalent in plenty of organizations. How is your organization doing with implementing your cybersecurity strategy, not just with the technology, but with your users?

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