Microsoft Power BI is proving to be an immensely valuable tool for organizations looking for a way to present the vast amount of data their operations produce in digestible forms for departments throughout the business. But the initial setup of your Power BI initiative is no easy task, and there are plenty of mistakes that can be made that along the way. 

Here are a few common missteps organizations make as they set up their Power BI dashboards: 

  • Keep dashboards simple – Power BI dashboards should not be complicated. The target audience prefers easy, smart and interactive dashboards a quick understanding of your data.  
  • Avoid one file for several dashboards – A common Power BI mistake is to open multiple dashboards in one file. This often leads to overlap for several departments. 
  • Do not utilize unreliable data – Unreliable data can have a drastic effect on data visualization and data management. Data should be structured from reliable sources for meaningful insights.  
  • Too much data – A single report with data overload can create confusion instead of a clear understanding through the dashboards.  
  • Inconsistency kills – Missing minute details on your Power BI report can lead to inconsistencies in the data management and not-so-meaningful insights. Make sure you’re consistent with your fonts, type sizes and alignment of visuals.  

You made the right choice by implementing an ERP system, so make sure you’re taking the steps necessary to achieve your desired ROI on the system. 2W Tech is a Microsoft Gold Partner and would love to introduce your business to Power BI and the benefits this data analytics product can bring to your business.  Contact 2W Tech today to see how robust dashboards can be customized to your business intelligence needs.

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