A manufacturing environment is complex. It is comprised of products, components, equipment, manufacturing locations, supply chains, people, and infrastructure that all require a certain amount of balance and coordination. Most manufacturers operate across multiple systems producing copious amounts of data that must be interpreted and shared across the supply chain.

A digital thread connects all elements within the manufacturing process from product inception to delivery. Implementing a digital thread means interchanging data and automating systems, allowing for the systems to work together. This increases visibility, predictability, and traceability. Speed and efficiency are more important than ever, and a business needs to be able to adapt to changes and issues at the drop of a hat.

Cloud adoption has made scalable software solutions more accessible and affordable to small businesses. Industry specific ERP software solutions are the heart of the digital transformation for Manufacturers. The most efficient and optimized manufacturing business pairs a cloud solution with a digital thread. There really is no other way to accomplish this without running your ERP system in the cloud.

Your manufacturing business cannot be competitive if you are using legacy technology and systems to operate. Legacy systems are difficult to automate and to share data, not to mention really slow. So instead of upgrading to a modern cloud solution, they adopt other workaround methods which a business cannot sustain long-term and thrive. Or survive.

Are you still running legacy solutions? Let 2W Tech help pull you out of the stone age. We are a Microsoft Gold Partner, as well as an Epicor Platinum Elite Partner. Let our team of expert Consultants introduce Epicor in Azure to your business. Running Epicor Kinetic on the Microsoft Azure cloud will set your business up to be unstoppable!

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