Chat Bubbles Coming to Microsoft Teams Rooms Displays


Microsoft is working on an update for Microsoft Teams that will allow users to see messages in chat and participants in a video call at the same time.  

 In June 2021, Microsoft added chat bubbles to Teams so users wouldn’t miss private messages sent during a video call. These chat bubbles display a floating notification on your screen and make chat more central to your conversation. These chat bubbles initially enabled Microsoft Teams users to see their private messages during meetings. The new update will make the chat bubbles available for group chats so everyone can keep up with the conversations happening via text as well as those taking place in a video call simultaneously.  

Microsoft also plans to add a new feature to Teams that will allow everyone to view chats sent during a meeting on the front of a room display in a Teams Room. For those new to Teams, Microsoft Teams Rooms is a dedicated hardware and software solution for video conferencing, previously known as Skype Rooms. With a Teams Rooms display set up in a meeting or conference room, in-person attendees can focus on one screen at the front of a room as opposed to staring at their laptops.  

With the addition of chat bubbles on a Teams Rooms display, employees working from home will be able to add to the conversation in a meeting room now that attendees will be able to see their messages in chat alongside a meeting’s video feed.  

The new chat bubbles feature is set to roll out in April of this year and will improve the experience for organizations that have embraced hybrid work policies.  

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