There is PaaS, IaaS, and now CaaS is growing by leaps and bounds to make your container management needs even easier. Containers as a Service is a cloud service that allows software developers and IT departments to upload, organize, run, scale, manage and stop containers by using container-based virtualization. A CaaS provider will commonly provide a framework that allows users to make use of the service.

CaaS falls somewhere between Infrastructure as a Service and Platform-as-a-Service. However, CaaS is most commonly positioned as a subset of IaaS. The basic resource for CaaS is a container rather than a virtual machine or a bare metal hardware host system, which are traditionally used to support IaaS environments.

The benefits of using CaaS include:

  • Users only pay for the CaaS resources they use, such as compute instances, load balancing and scheduling capabilities.
  • It is easier to scale up a container using CaaS.
  • CaaS services can be responsive, secure and stable due to the support and management of the provider.
  • CaaS allows developers to deploy a container environment quickly, negating the need to build clusters or test container infrastructure beforehand.

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, 2W Tech recommends Microsoft Azure Kubernetes Service to its clients. AKS has replaced Azure Container Service as of January 31. Users will enjoy enhancements like:

  • Simplified deployment of managed Kubernetes clusters in Azure;
  • Reduced complexity and operational overhead of managing Kubernetes; and
  • Critical tasks like health monitoring and maintenance being handled by AKS.

Rely on Containers as a Service via 2W Tech so you can get back to the business of running your business. 2W Tech is a Microsoft Gold Partner that specializes in solutions for the manufacturing industry. Call us today to learn more about CaaS.

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