Bye, Bye XP. 4 Options for Your Aging Epicor System


Microsoft dropping support for Windows XP in April could have a significant impact on your Epicor system if you are running Epicor Visa 4, Vista 6 or early versions of Vista 8 or Vantage 8.
The problem comes from the fact Vista and Vantage systems noted above are simply not designed to run on anything newer than Windows XP.
While other parts of your business may also be impacted (PCI compliance for example) there’s no need to panic, from the Epicor side here are a few steps you can take to make the impact as minimal as possible.

  • Do Nothing – Your Windows XP machines will not suddenly stop working the moment Microsoft drops support. Dropping support means Microsoft will no longer continue to produce patches, fixes and plug security holes. Sooner or later you’ll need to take action but for a short while you’ll be OK.
  • Upgrade to Windows 7 – Yes I know, I just wrote that your legacy system would not work on Windows 7. Well, it will, kind of. You can configure Window 7 to run the older Vista and Vantage versions with one caveat: your custom reports and other customization will most likely not work. So if you’re running a basic system this might get you by for a while. You might want some help with this. Follow this link.
  • Set up XP to run in a virtual mode – Not the most optimal option but you’ll still get to your customization s. The downside is you’ll find performance will lag somewhat. If you want 2W Tech to help you set this up – click here.
  • Upgrade – to the most current version of Epicor or Epicor SAAS. If you’re currently on Epicor support we can make this an easy process. If you’ve dropped support in the past we can look at several affordable options to get you on the latest versions.

If you have any questions, we are here to help

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