Building Cybersecurity Resilience


Cybersecurity resilience is an organization’s ability to protect its critical assets from a cyber-attack and to continue delivering expected outcomes despite experiencing a cyber event. It is key for an organization to build cybersecurity resilience by responding to adverse incidents and gaining visibility into the network.

Organizations do not need a large budget and need to necessary run out and buy more security solutions, but they do need to fine tune the solutions they have in place. Start with the fundamentals such as visibility into your network and employee awareness training.

Cybersecurity resilience is everybody’s responsibility, it does not just lay on the shoulder of your IT department. Size does not make a different either. A small organization is just as likely to be targeted, as a large one. You just usually only hear about the large organization attacks in the news.

To really build a cybersecurity resilience, you need to make sure you understand all about the current threats and what vulnerabilities are being exposed. Most important, you MUST have visibility into your own network and where your vulnerabilities are.

Need help evaluating your network security and vulnerabilities? Do not just trust anyone. 2W Tech is a technology solutions provider specializing in solutions for the manufacturing industry. We have a robust team of IT Consultants that have experience with cybersecurity solutions and helping clients understand their security posture.

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