Bolster Your Intelligent Cybersecurity in 2020


Now that 2020 is upon us, technological advances have brought a world of good to manufacturing and business as a whole. It also has brought new, faster ways for cybercriminals to make your life a living hell. To avoid becoming a victim, make 2020 the year your organization engages in intelligent cybersecurity.

As machines are given more content to learn from, they’ll be able to better identify patterns and anomalies and apply the right controls. Through SOAR – security orchestration, automation and response – this is how we in the IT industry will build trust across infrastructure and applications. Algorithms will help your machines recognize patterns across applications and infrastructure, identify anomalies in those patterns that point to potential attacks, and orchestrate security controls automatically and instantaneously without human touch.

Cybersecurity is heading to the cloud this year, as well. You must be aware of the security risks of moving different workloads to different cloud platforms and implement appropriate controls. If you’re using multiple hosting centers or hyperscalers, it’s difficult to apply standardized software-based security controls across your entire infrastructure. By applying security to the application or workload, you’ll be able to monitor that rather than the infrastructure for changes in behavior that’ll help you identify potential attacks.

To build a robust security posture, you need information, context and intelligence. Partnering with a third party for the manage-and-operate segment of your security posture will give you the benefit of this intelligence and the advantage of being able to respond to breaches that if you were to go this alone. Contact 2W Tech today to take advantage of our Cybersecurity Compliance Program and let intelligent cybersecurity protect your organization in 2020.

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