Better Understanding Office Delve


The Microsoft 365 suite of products is so robust that often it is hard to really understand each application and how it can be used within your business. Office Delve is a cloud-based data solution, file hub, enterprise social network, and collaboration tool that was developed using Microsoft Graph. 

Microsoft Graph maps the relationships among the various Microsoft 365 users in your company and the content/information related to them. Delve uses this information how and when they need it, as it is displayed on a card-based screen, which is located under the Delve tab in the main Microsoft 365 launch screen. The information displayed can include profile information, document links, user favorites and views, as well as their comments and tags. 

Delve can also show you what you have been recently working on and content that has been shared with you by others. These are laid out in a card format for easier tracking and interaction. Delve keeps all your documents private by default, but you have the option to share them with other users. 

Some other cool features of Office Delve include:  

  • Discovery of latest information: Delve displays information from various sources within Microsoft 365 that you may find useful for tasks you are currently working on 
  • Quick access to your work: Documents you have recently worked on are highlighted and easier to find, regardless of where you chose to store them. This makes accessing and noticing unfinished work less taxing, saving a user time.  
  • Uncover new connections: Typing a name in M365 will display what that user is working on, who their connections are, and allows you to connect with them to build relationships and share information. 

If you would like to learn more about Office Delve or any other applications within Microsoft 365, give 2W Tech a call today. We are a technology service provider and Microsoft Gold Partner and have IT Consultants on staff that can help you maximize your use of this collaboration tool. 

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