Better Connections for the IoT


The Internet of Things is the undeniable wave of the future. But is your organization prepared to handle any connectivity issues that might present themselves with an estimated 20 billion to 30 billion connected IoT devices by 2020 potentially creating a massive bottleneck?

IoT devices are only as good as their connectivity. Without a stable, reliable data connection, many existing IoT devices are mostly useless, and with the trend for data-based on-demand services, it’s a challenge that needs addressing.

The good news is that keeping the IoT connected doesn’t require the same sort of infrastructure commitment as cable-based networks, which means the cost of maintaining devices connected is much lower.

The bad news is that the connectivity which is currently providing for the IoT is focused on stationary objects. So, connected devices that do move currently have a patchy network of roaming agreements not fit for use.

When connectivity presents a problem for current technologies, blockchain could be the solution. Blockchain technology enables secure environments that don’t require a trusted central party. By creating a mesh of connectivity like this, it avoids the potential for bottlenecks as the number of IoT devices continues to grow.

The benefit of a distributed approach like this is that it results in far lower deployment costs and enables the formation of small operators that contribute to the overall connectivity pie. In exchange for providing that service, they also earn revenue.

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