Industry 4.0 spans the entire product life cycle and supply chain including design, sales, inventory, scheduling, quality, engineering, and customer and field service. Industry 4.0 includes trends towards automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies and processes which include cyber-physical systems (CPS), the internet of things (IoT), industrial internet of things (IIoT), cloud computing, cognitive computing and artificial intelligence. Utilizing 4.0 allows everyone to share informed, up-to-date, relevant views of production and business processes, with more thorough and timely analytics.

There are plenty of benefits to adopting an Industry 4.0 model for your business including:

  • Helps keep you competitive: you have to have the systems and processes in place to allow you to provide the same level of service (or better) to your customers and clients that they could be getting from a company like Amazon. Your business may never be that size, but you don’t need to show it.
  • Makes your attractive: modern, innovative Industry 4.0 technologies are better positioned to attract and retain new workers.
  • Stronger team and collaboration: Industry 4.0 boost collaboration between all departments increasing overall efficiency.
  • Keeps issues under control: Predictive analytics, real-time data, internet-connected machinery, and automation can all help you be more proactive to nip your products in the bud.
  • Trims cost, boosts profits and fuels growth: Manage and optimize your supply chain and manufacturing processes to boost overall efficiency and profitability.

As you consider whether or not to invest in Industry 4.0, you may be thinking about some of the potential challenges associated with incorporating new technology and processes into your organization. You’re not alone. 2W Tech is here to help. 2W Tech is a full-service IT Consulting form that specializes in solutions for the manufacturing industry. Give us a call today to learn more about adopting Industry 4.0 in your organization and what that will look like with your Epicor ERP system and IT Infrastructure.

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