Azure SQL enabled by Azure Arc Helps Keep Your Operations Efficient


Newly released, Azure SQL enabled by Azure Arc helps customers manage their data and databases simply and efficiently. You can deploy cloud services on premises and in multicloud environments, effectively modernizing in place by running Azure SQL on any infrastructure.  

Deploying cloud-based solutions to on-premises and multicloud environments helps deliver consistent, portable and unified management across a company’s entire data estate. By using hybrid technology to manage data and app development at scale, customers are seeing improved productivity and operating efficiency.  

Beginning July 30, the general-purpose tier of Azure Arc-enabled SQL Managed Instance will be generally available, providing database-as-a-service (DBaaS) functionality on any infrastructure. Businesses will be able to deploy Azure SQL databases on any infrastructure and on any Kubernetes to: 

  • Stay current with automated updates and deploy evergreen features and security updates to on-premises databases with no end-of-support. 
  • Automate routine database administrator tasks at scale with built-in management capabilities including high availability, backup and restore.  
  • Optimize data workload performance by bringing cloud elasticity on premises for existing infrastructure, using only the resources needed to dynamically scale up or down without application downtime.  
  • Access Azure security and governance capabilities for your on-premises data workloads to protect your data.  

Along with these capabilities, new product features and options will be rolled out continuously, and users will be able to opt-in to preview additional Azure Arc-enabled services like PostgreSQL, and easily integrated as they become generally available.  

For more help with your Microsoft Azure subscription, reach out to 2W Tech. We are a Microsoft Gold Partner employing IT consultants who have vast experience in all things Azure and cybersecurity. 

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