Azure Governance is a collection of concepts and services that are designed to enable management of your various Azure resources at scale. Using the Azure Cloud lets you take advantage of built-in and custom policies to set guardrails in your subscriptions. Easily deploy fully governed environments throughout your organization with Azure Blueprints. And, manage costs by gaining insights into your cloud spend so that you get the most from your cloud investments.

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Azure governance features and services include:

  • Creating hierarchies: Azure Management Groups applies policies with flexible hierarchies to multiple subscriptions
  • Applying policies: Azure policies implements policy-based management for all Azure services
  • Adding policies and roles to templates: Azure Blueprints allows you to easily create fully compliant environments and apply group policies to new Azure subscriptions
  • Inventory management: Azure Resource Graph gives you visibility into all your resources fast
  • Optimizing costs: Cost management to analyze costs and monitor usage from a single dashboard

Azure governance services are free for Azure subscribers. You can create custom dashboards to view and analyze your cloud usage and spend. Increase efficiencies by right sizing your virtual machines and purchasing reserved instances. Governance is a broad discipline. Contact us today to learn Microsoft’s best practices on how to implement your governance strategy and take advantage of the benefits of Azure governance services. 2W Tech is a Microsoft Gold Partner and has IT Consultants on staff that specialize in Microsoft Azure cloud solutions.

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