Avoiding ERP Implementation Roadblocks


Happy New Year! You and your organization have made the resolution to finally implement an ERP system. No time like the present, right? To make 2019 a year to remember for all the right reasons, here are some common roadblocks you should avoid when implementing a new ERP system for your business:

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  • Lack of understanding of your business processes and requirements: ERP is at the heart of a business and is often intended to be the core management system for company operations. Not having a full understanding of your processes and requirements can often cause ERP implementations to drag on due to customizations that were not initially scoped out.
  • Nonexistent executive and organizational buy-in: Without this support, ERP initiatives are likely to be hurting for corporate funding and resources. These initiatives often are started by the CIO or IT director, but support from the entire C-suite is essential. ERP implementations are big, complex projects that will fail without the appropriate support from management.
  • Inadequate investments in training and change management: ERP implementations involve people who may find it difficult to change roles, processes and behaviors that they may have learned after many years of work. Your implementation is only as good as the people that are using the system and the data that is entered, so getting everyone on board and confident in their ability to use the system can help with wider adoption throughout your business.
  • Lack of proper ERP project management and resource commitment: A requirement for a successful ERP implementation is a dedicated project manager who is involved in planning and ongoing management. In addition, companies need to be prepared to commit to sufficient resources to the project before, during and after implementation.

To make sure your organization starts 2019 the right way, be sure to hire an experienced project manager and implementation guru to guide your ERP journey. 2W Tech is an Epicor Gold partner that can examine your organization to determine what you need to make the most of your ERP implementation. Contact 2W today for help with launching your ERP system.

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