ResolveIQ AI for meetings

For meetings, ResolveIQ can be a powerful tool. It can process meeting transcriptions and distill them into concise executive summaries. This includes identifying and organizing individual action items, drafting follow-up emails, and outlining work that needs to be done, all of which can significantly streamline post-meeting activities.

ResolveIQ for meetings is designed to enhance the productivity and efficiency of meeting-related tasks. Here’s how it can benefit your organization:

  1. Transcription Processing: ResolveIQ can analyze transcribed audio from your MS Teams meetings, ensuring that every word is captured and can be reviewed later. This is particularly useful for those unable to attend the meeting or revisit important discussions.
  2. Executive Summaries: ResolveIQ can analyze the content and create a summarized version of the meeting. This summary highlights the key points discussed, decisions made, and topics covered, providing a quick and digestible overview for those who need to catch up without going through the entire transcript.
  3. Action Item Extraction: ResolveIQ can identify specific tasks that were agreed upon during the meeting and list them as action items. This feature helps in tracking responsibilities and ensures that nothing falls through the cracks.
  4. Follow-up Email Drafting: Based on the action items and decisions made during the meeting, ResolveIQ can help draft follow-up emails. This could include thank-you notes to participants, reminders about tasks, or requests for additional information.
  5. Work Outlining: For projects or tasks that stem from meeting discussions, ResolveIQ can help outline the necessary work. This could involve creating a project plan, setting deadlines, or assigning tasks to team members.

By automating these processes, ResolveIQ for meetings can save time and reduce the administrative burden on employees, allowing them to focus on more strategic tasks. It also ensures that the outcomes of meetings are effectively communicated and acted upon, leading to better collaboration and productivity within the organization.

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