Artificial Intelligence has been growing exponentially in the last few years. There were some early concerns related to AI, but even those have not appeared to slow its adoption. When discussing AI in manufacturing, the definition of technologies such as machine learning, AI, machine vision, and others are often blurred.

Scale and connectivity are the main factors influencing the adoption on AI in manufacturing. AI should return greater benefits when operating at larger scales, which generally requires more connectivity and data to maintain accuracy.

Many manufacturers have legacy equipment that can’t provide data or a way to don’t have a way to send data to another location. This equipment needs to be updated to take advantage AI technologies, or in some cases there may be a way of retrofitting the equipment.

While AI is growing and by all resources will continue to, maturity, confidence, ROI, scaling, and connectivity might be slowing mass adoption. The speed of technology is moving faster, and it is harder to compete if a company falls behind. Businesses need to be taking steps towards ensuring all their technology is upgraded and they are making plans for new technology adoption, or else they won’t be able to compete long term in the market.

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