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wireless devices are commonly used in the industry for mobilitySignal interferences, slow WIFI speed, and fluctuating wireless signals are common flaws of a failed wireless installation services. A lack of planning is one of the main factors why businesses don’t observe optimal and reliable connectivity.

We are well experienced providing wireless network installation services to companies in the Sheboygan, WI area. 2W Technologies is your local resource for wireless network intallations designed with reliability and connectivity in mind. If your business is considering upgrading or adding to your current wireless network installation, reach out with your questions!

Planning for a WIFI installation involves proper placement of access points. These access points extend the wireless coverage of every network while increasing the number of users able to connect. Proper planning eliminates frequency overlap and reduces noise. Additionally, dead spots are more likely to be avoided if a heatmapping tool is used to scan for wireless signals.

Why deal with all the hassle, stress, and technical mumbo-jumbo of installing wireless networks, routers, and access points;
…if we can do it for you?

2w technologies hero image2W Technologies is your wireless network installation company, for both SMBs and enterprises. From planning to deployment, our professional installation will handle everything for you. We are outfitted with the necessary tools, equipment and required competencies for superior installations.

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