Wireless Site Survey & Heatmapping

Optimum and quality data connection
anytime, anywhere.

wireless devices are commonly used in the industry for mobilityTo achieve optimum wireless network coverage your team needs a solid understanding of the radio frequency behavior and physical premises of the network area. A wireless site survey provides insight into the unique challenges your location presents that could cause issues to your coverage and signal strength.
A site survey will reveal areas of channel interference and identify any dead zones to help you avoid problems as you build the network to ensure your business prevents obstacles for network users. In today’s world of increasing the Internet Of Things (IoT) and voice and video, your old Wi-Fi just will not function properly without this valuable professional service.

We provide wireless site surveys and heat mapping services to companies in the Parma, OH area. 2W Tech is a local preferred wireless site survey company capable of executing WiFi heat mapping services to help diagnose and/or plan your business network!

Wireless Heatmapping
the 2WTech way

Wireless heat mapping to detect any dead spots on premiseWe use heat mapping visualizations to easily and quickly identify connectivity and wireless interference issues, find sources of excessive noise, resolve Wi-Fi configuration problems, and provide you with superior professional advice on any network issues.

How we do it:

  • Client provides building layout, maps or blueprints. The more detailed the better.
  • Our site survey engineer is sent on-site to perform radio frequency survey.
  • After reviewing all the information from the survey, we then strategize an effective layout and implementation.
  • All the reporta and designing plan will be discussed with your team and we’ll give our best recommendation.

Advanced effective
Wi-Fi design

Wireless systems can allow fast access to essential business information and data. Weak wireless signals can be common in office spaces, often due to many partitions and devices that can produce interference. A weak wireless signal can slow or halt communication and operations, resulting in wasted effort and decreased productivity for your organization.

2WTech is a skilled wireless site survey company, here to help whenever you need a wifi assessment or for planning new wireless technology you intend to deploy. Our team provides advanced data collection and visualization capabilities to form a complete wireless site surveying solution that allows you to visualize the radio waves and demonstrate the effectiveness of your Wi-Fi coverage.