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ITAR compliance isn’t suggested, it’s mandatory. Ensure your business is compliant in order to avoid hefty civil and criminal penalties.

2W Tech can help your company meet the requirements of ITAR Compliance.

The law covers the manufacture, sales, and distribution of defense and space-related articles and services on the US Munitions List (USML). Administered by the U.S. State Department Directorate of Defense Trade Controls, the legislation is designed to control access to specific types of technology and associated data. ITAR Compliance is a collection of critical compliance requirements that help to ensure defense technology and related technical information does not fall into the hands of anyone who is not expressly intended to have it.

The law primarily applies to defense contractors that manufacture and/or export products on the USML, but all companies in the supply chain for such products must register to obtain the appropriate import or export license and meet the ITAR compliance. To meet these compliance requirements, any organization that falls under the jurisdiction of ITAR should design and implement a dedicated security policy. This policy should include provisions for both physical and network security, addressing how your data is stored and accessed.

There is no room for noncompliance when it comes to meeting ITAR requirements, as the penalties are something most organizations cannot bounce back from. It is difficult for many businesses to even understand what their role in the supply chain process is and whether that means they are responsible for abiding by ITAR Compliance regulations.

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ITAR Compliance Support

Not just an IT issue, but a business problem.

Don’t try to tackle your ITAR compliance alone, partner with our team at 2W Tech for superior ITAR compliance support. Your ITAR compliance process may include the following: audits, testing, monitoring, and other items detected in an ITAR audit we’ll conduct to identify strengths and weaknesses.

We provide ITAR compliance support and ITAR compliance consulting to companies in the Oconomowoc, WI area. 2Wtech has deep experience offering ITAR compliance support to numerous companies and circumstances. Our expert ITAR compliance consultants can help your company navigate the ins and outs of ITAR compliance.

Don’t wait until your business is under audit by the government and potentially facing steep fines and penalties- get your company’s compliance in the green before an audit strikes. Contact us today for a consultation regarding the ITAR compliance process.

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