Outsourced IT Services | Fond du Lac, WI

Until recently, most businesses had their own IT department, whether it was dozens of developers or a single network administrator. However, for many, trying to solve all IT problems internally became a major distraction. Now, however, businesses can hire an outsourced IT services provider, like 2W Tech, to manage their networks.

2W Tech is the preferred company for outsourced IT support services in the Fond du Lac, WI area. If you are looking for an outsourced IT company to manage your technology, we are here to help.

How do outsourced IT services work?

Outsourced IT services, also known as managed services, means that the people managing a business’s IT infrastructure are outside contractors rather than employees. As a result of high-speed networking, this service is feasible because:

  • A business doesn’t need to own its network infrastructure. Rather, it can lease hardware and software from IT service providers.
  • A business’s IT processes don’t need to be in the same place or under a single corporate umbrella. On the contrary, the office might be located in Pennsylvania, it may lease cloud-based applications from a server in Canada and its IT management may be outsourced to a provider in Wisconsin.

What types of outsourced IT services exist?

Outsourced IT service providers, like 2W Tech, can cover various aspects of IT support and infrastructure, including:

  • Network security: Installing security software, managing user accounts and access levels, and monitoring threats
  • Technical support: Troubleshooting IT problems and ensuring software is patched and up to date
  • Hardware management: Ensuring that hardware resources meet a business’s hardware demands
  • Software-as-a-service: Building and maintaining software and leasing its use to a business

What are the benefits of outsourced IT services?

By outsourcing, a business of any size can have experts managing their IT. This enables the business to focus on its core mission without worrying about IT infrastructure or management.

Another benefit of outsourced IT is scalability. A business’s IT infrastructure can grow with the business without breaking the bank.

Outsourced IT services can help a business grow in ways that an in-house IT department cannot. To learn more about 2W Tech’s outsourced IT services, contact us today.


  • Remote Management
  • Patch Management
  • Network Monitoring
  • Hardware & Software Inventory
  • Office 365 Email
  • Antivirus Services
  • Backup and Storage Services
  • Software Deployment
  • Print Management
  • IT Asset Management
  • Threat Management Services