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What Is Remote Server Monitoring and Management?

Digital assets such as websites and apps have become a crucial part of modern-day business. While their benefits are undeniable, your business may not have the resources nor logistical bandwidth to have an onsite server management team.

As the name suggests, remote server monitoring and management is the process of controlling and managing a web server from a remote location. In most cases, it involves outsourcing such functions to a remote server monitoring company such as us.

Why Choose Remote Server Management Services?

With the right remote server monitoring solutions, there are a lot of benefits you’ll enjoy. These include:

  1. Access Expertise
    Server monitoring and management is a demanding task that requires full-time attention and specialized skills. Therefore, having an in-house management team with a split focus between server management and other activities is a recipe for disaster.

    By outsourcing such functions to us, you can eliminate such issues. To begin with, you will have a team with the necessary technical expertise and experience to manage your server. Moreover, you’ll get 24/7 server monitoring and management. This is especially useful when it comes to:

    • Resolving user problems
    • Incident response
    • Performing regular server health checkups
  2. Enhanced Server Security
    Other than downtime, the biggest threat to your server is a cyber-attack. Regardless of the size of the company, hackers are continually trying to breach systems. Any success on their part can have significant ramifications, including:

    • Legal and financial liability
    • Non-compliance fines
    • Damage to brand reputation

    Each time your server experiences an unscheduled downtime, it becomes vulnerable to attackers. On top of reducing such incidences, our team also has cybersecurity specialists. This helps identify and address any vulnerabilities and threats early on, keeping you safe from attacks.

    remote server monitoring and management

  3. Lower IT Costs
    Effective server monitoring and management requires substantial investments in equipment, systems, and staff. As you may know, this may increase your overall IT-related costs substantially.

    However, it does not have to be so. By outsourcing, you gain access to the necessary infrastructure and top-notch server monitoring and management professionals. All you need to do is pay a reasonable outsourcing fee, and we’ll take care of everything else. This allows you to channel such resources to other areas of your business.

  4. Competitive Advantage
    Due to the competitive nature of the business ecosystem, any edge you can get over rivals may have a huge impact. This is what outsourcing server monitoring and management offers.

    While your competitors deal with frequent downtime, you’ll have a team of experts preventing such. This ensures that your digital assets are accessible at all times. In so doing, it enhances productivity and makes your brand seem more reliable to consumers.

    More importantly, our experts are solely focused on server monitoring and management. To ensure we offer the best service, they strive to remain abreast with the latest trends, technologies, security protocols, etc.

Why Choose 2WTech?

Remote server monitoring and management is about ensuring digital assets are performing optimally at all times. This is why having the right partner is key. Some of the things that set us apart include:

  • 24/7 Monitoring and Management
    With us, you can rest assured that your server’s needs are adequately taken care of. Our team of experts will keep an eye on it at all times, meaning 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. This way, you can be sure that if an issue arises during the wee hours of the night, it will be swiftly addressed.
  • Tailor-Made Remote Server Monitoring and Management Packages
    At 2WTech, we understand that business needs and budgets vary significantly. This is why we won’t bundle you into any service package. Our experts will work with your team to figure out your unique needs.

Then, by using such needs and your budget, we’ll customize a remote server monitoring and management package for you.

Don’t Lose Any More Time

For every minute your servers are down, that’s money leaving your pockets. This is because such errors cause consumers to lose faith in your brand and turn to competitors. With remote server monitoring and management, you can avoid all this.

As a brand, our goal is simple; to see your company thrive. This is why our experts are committed to keeping you online and secure at all times. So, get started today to access remote server monitoring and management solutions you can count on.

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