Are You Ready For Epicor 10 Cloud ERP?


We had a couple clients inquire recently about upgrading their Epicor ERP systems to version 10. Along with that request were specific requests for the systems to be delivered on premise, not in cloud. We have been trying to educate our clients and potential clients on the innovations with clouds, along with the benefits. Many different technologies are offering cloud solutions, and many industries including manufacturing, have already begun to adopt them. So should you consider cloud deployment for your ERP system?
We fully support on premise ERP systems, but we also recognize there are times that a cloud solutions might be a better fit for an organization and want to make sure you are educated enough to make the decision that best fits your needs. On premise systems are usually pretty costly. There is money involved with having the appropriate amount of server space, installation fees, training fees, consulting fees, etc… Typically larger organizations implement this solution and feel comfortable with the amount of resources needed to make it a success. Most times, small and medium size organization often delay their system installs and upgrades due to the lack of available resources to do it right when the need arises. In these instances, cloud would be an alternative method of deployment. Cloud eliminates the large investment upfront, instead charging a monthly fee to access the software. Instead of delaying your upgrade until you have the finances, you can now use a cloud solution and take advantage of all the features and functionality that a new system can offer you. It can also save you the headache and all the hassles that come along with upgrading a really out-of-date system. In most cases, there are many steps needed to go from several versions old to the newest version available. Basically, this prolongs the upgrade period. Instead, a cloud ERP solution will allow you to upgrade to the newest software seamlessly and without hassle. This allows you to focus on training your users on the new features they will now have at their disposal.
Epicor estimates Epicor 10 cloud solution is about 30-40% cheaper than an on premise option. This lower Total Cost of Ownership allows small and medium size companies to not break the bank and instead lets them hold onto investment abilities and capital growth since they don’t have to front the money all at once using cloud. It also offers these companies scalability. Organizations only need to pay a subscription fee for the amount of users they have, thus making it easy to both decrease and increase your licenses to match your staffing trends. Businesses that have limited IT resources can also greatly benefit from a cloud solutions. You do not have to hire or allocate additional resources for upgrades or the routine upkeep of aging systems, nor will you need to compile an internal team for the implementation and training stages.
Epicor is predicting that roughly 50% of their ERP installations next year will be hosted in the cloud. Cloud software is not for every organization, but every organization should understand and evaluate their options before making a decision on such a large investment. If you want more information on Epicor ERP cloud solutions or on premise solutions, contact 2W Tech today and let us help you choose the solution that is best for your organization.

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