There were so many things to focus on when this latest pandemic hit, but most businesses put moving their workforce remote at the top of the list in an effort to keep their doors open and to keep business flowing as usual.  Many employees were equipped with a laptop computer and were already using a cell phone, and these 2 devices became their lifeline for business. What most organizations did not have the time to focus on, was that this expanding security perimeter with thousands of IoT devices now added, is creating overhead and security risks that were not present before.

This new expanded remote workforce is no doubtingly exposing corporate networks to more security issues.  You are adding consumer-grade IoT devices to home networks, which in turn are connected to an organization’s network most likely using VPN connections. What type of security measurements do your users implement at home? Do they require password resets every 30 days or do they have firewalls on their network?

Most organizations already had security risks within their business before the pandemic even hit, so imagine the risks they have now that they added dozens or maybe hundreds of remote workers to their network with relaxed security on IoT devices. You might as well hold up a green flag for cybercriminals and let them know you are ready to be attacked.  It doesn’t have to be this way though.

A businesses operational technology (OT) and IoT security are only as good as its weakest links. Companies must be resounded in their security practices and proactive in threat visibility and discovery, training their staff and following best practices to align with today’s growing threats. They must be cognizant of any and all lurking threats, cybercriminals really do exist.

2W Tech is a technology service provider specializing in solutions for the manufacturing industry. We have IT Consultants on staff that specialize in security solutions. Give us a call today to ensure your journey with the Internet of Things and Industry 4.0 are a safe and secure one.

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