As the COVID-19 pandemic spreads throughout the world and more workers are mandated to work from home, countless businesses are being forced to find ways to remain operational to stay afloat. Artificial intelligence may provide the answers to their problems.

Considering how many human tasks AI already has undertaken, there’s no telling how many more the manufacturing industry will need to pass on to robots. Here are a few technologies already in today’s factories that could play a major role in society’s “new normal” moving forward.

  • Human-robot collaboration – Robots have already taken on a majority of production-related tasks. The supply chain is one of the major areas of AI investment. In logistics, however, manufacturers still rely on human-operated forklifts that often cause bottlenecks and movement waste.
  • Predictive analytic sensors – Asset failure leads to production issues, which can sometimes lead to the full stop of production processes. Predictive analytic sensors studies production data to identify patterns that could lead to issues and prevent them from happening.
  • Asset-tracking solutions – Real-time track solutions (RTLS), in particular, are expected to grow in the coming years. RTLS uses the hardware called a tag, which is attached to an asset, and software that usually uses Ultra-Wideband technology to track assets even through concrete walls and other obstacles.

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