In 2019, cybersecurity was at the top of mind for countless decision-makers across a variety of industries. And why wouldn’t it be? Cybercriminals ransacked a variety of targets ranging from major manufacturers to entire municipalities.

Here at 2W Tech, we aim best equip you with the knowledge and tools to protect your organization as much as possible to avoid becoming the next victim of a cyber-crime. Below is a list of the top five trends we watched in 2019:

  1. One-third of executives focused on SOC for cybersecurity – to start the year, we discussed a poll by Deloitte released in June 2018 that discovered about one third of executives planned to adopt the American Institute for Certified Public Accountants System and Organization Controls for Cybersecurity framework. And 19 percent of those executives planned to do so by the summer of 2019. Were you among these executives? If so, how has your adaptation come along?
  2. Cybersecurity still affecting manufacturers in a major way – In August, we wrote about another report that focused on cybersecurity and the manufacturing industry. Sikich’s 2019 Manufacturing & Distribution Report shockingly revealed that half of the companies surveyed reported suffering a data breach or a cyberattack involving their computer systems or networks over the previous 12 months. Eleven percent of these organizations reported a major intrusion.
  3. Calculating the true cost of cybersecurity attack – Whenever there is a headline-grabbing cybersecurity breach, mainstream media often focuses on the immediate costs to consumers and businesses in terms of cash. However, as we discussed in blog in May, the aftereffects are far reaching. The most telling statistic is the damage related to cyber-crime as a whole, which is projected to reach $6 trillion annually by 2021.
  4. Components to a good cybersecurity solution – In February, we shared eight components to a solid cybersecurity solution for your organization. They include a secure email gateway, endpoint protection and next-generation firewall.
  5. Make your own rules to combat cybersecurity – You know your organization best, so you and your IT team will play the most critical role in enhancing your cybersecurity protection plan. As we discussed on Halloween 2019, make sure you implement an internal policy to empower your employees to keep cybercriminals at bay.

Cybersecurity is a growing concern for just about every industry imaginable. There’s no need to tackle this aspect of your operations on your own. Contact 2W Tech today to get started with your Cybersecurity Compliance Program and let our IT consultants do the work for you.

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