2W Ideas You Can Use – September Edition

2W Ideas You Can Use - September 2018 Newsletter

Upcoming Webinar: Epicor Advanced Material Management

Thursday, September 6th at 12pm EST/11 CST
Epicor Advanced Material Management – Find new efficiencies in moving material through your manufacturing and distribution processes.
Do you:

  • Struggle with allocation of scarce materials against demand from customer orders and jobs?
  • Buy and hold excessive inventory to make up for inefficient material handling processes?
  • Feel like your manufacturing areas are ‘clogged up’ with materials and parts?
  • Have trouble physically locating parts in manufacturing or inventory?

Learn how Epicor’s AMM can help you to solve these problems, by giving you to tools to streamline the flow of materials from receiving, through manufacturing and inventory, and to your customers.
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Microsoft Office 365 Teams: Makes Teamwork the Dreamwork

Changing the way your business works by:

  • Communicate through chat, meetings and calls
  • Collaborate together with with integrated Office 365 apps
  • Customize your workplace with other integrated apps
  • Make calls in Office 365 and Teams
  • Connect across various devices
  • Enterprise-level security, compliance and manageability

2W Tech is proud to be a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner. Have a question or want to learn more about any Microsoft Solution, contact us today to learn more.
Learn more about Teams

Sales Order Backlog Review Report

This report is the latest edition to our Epicor Report Store.
Display all Open Releases sorted by Customer and Need By date.
Includes Order Number, Part Number, Order, Release Quantity, Release Shipped Quantity, Release Balance Quantity Due, Unit Price, Order Line Amount and Balance Due Amount.
Visit our Report Store and learn about our Custom Epicor Reports

Ransomware Attack: May Be Closer Than You Think

Did you know that 2 in every 3 businesses have been hit with a type of malware or ransomware? If you are still denying the possibility that this can happen to your business and are still not prepared, you are treading in very dangerous water.
2W Tech is an Axcient Partner and have a few clients that have had their butts saved by the Axcient Fusion product.  Email me to learn more today.
Interested in learning about how one of your peers was infected and how they handled it?
Click to Read: Axcient Provides Business Continuity During Ransomware Attack

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