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Epicor Report Customizations

We’ve made improvements to the basic Epicor forms. Want more out of your Bill of Lading or your Purchase Orders?
Or maybe you need 3 Part Check for Epicor 10?
Whatever your organization’s needs might be, we can create specialized forms to meet those. We can provide the installation, as well as customize the forms with your logo. There is no request we won’t entertain!
Learn more on reports here.

Take Advantage of What Epicor 10 Has to Offer

If you are an Epicor customer using a legacy system, Epicor ERP 10 could mean the right time for you to upgrade.
Upgrading your Epicor legacy system is about more than just a simple data migration to Epicor 10, it is about all the technology and functions the new software offers.
See what Epicor 10 has to offer.

Is Your Data Protected?

As we move into 2016, new security threats are going to emerge. Now is the perfect time to evaluate whether your Epicor system and your data within is protected.
2W Tech’s downtime, disaster recovery and backup solution will not only protect your Epicor system, but your entire network infrastructure as well. Now is the perfect time to evaluate your network and solutions you are using in your business and make sure you are protected.
Click here to read more about data recovery solutions.

Post Epicor Installation Support

Have you recently installed an Epicor system and realized post installation that you may need help? Did something with your installation go wrong or did your install break another one of your programs?
Maybe your installation went smooth, but now you are in over your head with learning how to use the system and get all your users up to speed on the changes. In most cases, bringing in outside help can be the quickest and most effective solution.
Epicor Training & Support

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Take Advantage of What Epicor 10 Has to Offer
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