Received Not Invoiced Report

The newest custom report to join our Epicor Report Store.
This custom report has tremendous value for allowing the Accounts Payable Department to easily review the account coding entered by the Purchasing Department. Should there be an error in the original account number entered at the time the Purchase Order was created, this clean looking and easy-to-read report allows for a “last-look” to assure the vendor invoice will be applied to the correct account code. Using the correct account can dramatically reduce the time spent at month-end closing to investigate coding errors and account adjustments.
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Uptime for Epicor ERP

What does downtime cost your business?
If your Epicor ERP goes offline, so does your business.
2W Tech Uptime for Epicor can access your server and get you back up and running as little as 20 minutes after a disaster hits. 2W Tech Uptime for Epicor gives you not only backup, but also disaster recovery for your ERP in one solution.
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Dangers of Ransomware

Ransomware attacks are on the rise. Are you vulnerable?
Ransomware is when an outside hacker takes control of a business’s system, denying them the ability to access their data. The best way to stop a cyber-attack is through preparedness and prevention. You must know the signs to look for and what to be suspicious of.
Are you educated on the latest attacks and information?
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New Ransomware Should Cause You Pause

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