Microsoft Azure for Epicor ERP

Move Your On-Premise Epicor EPR System to the Azure Cloud

Azure Cloud-based Epicor ERP systems can bring a wide variety of benefits to your business

Anytime, Anywhere Access Without Use of VPN
Microsoft Azure: The Answer to the Cloud

Eliminate On-Site Hardware Needs
Kiss Your Hardware Goodbye
Economics of Serverless Cloud Computing

High availability,
performance and reliability
Azure: Game Changer for Epicor ERP
Truly Consistent Hybrid Cloud with Azure

Reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
Total Economic Impact of Azure IaaS
Maximize Your Cloud Journey

Security with Geo Redundancy
Geographic Redundancy Security and ERP
Azure Security, Privacy and Compliance
Security Management in Microsoft Azure

Easier Sign On & Better Integrations
Benefits of Using Microsoft Azure
Azure: Cross-Platform and Open Source

Scalability with Consumption-based Computing
Consumption-Based Computing Model
Scalability and Elasticity with Azure

Load Balancing Over Multiple Locations
Microsoft Azure Offers Load Balancing
Azure Load Balancer Overview