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The 2W Team

Talented Team…Amazing Results.

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Chris Maynard

Chris Maynard

Sue Bresee Director of Marketing
  • Sue is allergic to every type of nut.
  • Sue has had 14 broken fingers in her life so far.

Sue Bresee

Director of Marketing

Sue joined 2W Tech in 2015 and is responsible for everything marketing at the company. Sue loves her job because of all the diversity that comes from the every changing world of marketing and what’s hot at the moment. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree from Penn State. She is still an avid Penn State football fan today. Sue is married with 2 children and resides in Erie, PA, which happens to be one of the snowiest places on earth. She spends her free time playing volleyball, reading, working out, and drinking wine. She also spends a ridiculous amount of time cheering on her children at their athletic events. Sue loves her family and friends and entertains any chance she can. Which is why she is OCD on cleaning, you never know when someone will drop by! Sue is a really awesome cook, but if you ask her to bake you anything, it will end in a major disaster.

Ken Smith VP of Operations
  • Ken's goal is to visit every continent at least once.
  • Ken's favorite food is Italian.

Ken Smith

VP of Operations

Ken joined 2W Tech in 2015 as the VP of Operations, which means he is responsible for implementing policies and procedures and ensuring everything runs smooth. He is also the guy that gets to do what no one else wants to do! Ken enjoys problem solving, so every day he gets the opportunity to do just that. Ken and his girlfriend have many children and now a grandchild that keep them busy, along with their 3 dogs. Ken’s hobbies include many outdoor things such as hunting, fishing, camping, motorcycling and landscaping.  He is also an avid lover of wine, good food and music. Ken is known to be a really great cook in most environments.

Steve Lindquist Business Intelligence Consulting
  • Steve has attended a game at every Major League Baseball Stadium.
  • Deep down, Steve is a bit of a geek.

Steve Lindquist

Business Intelligence Consulting

As the Business Intelligence Consultant, Steve is responsible for Epicor SSRS Report creation and modification, as well as Data Migration for Epicor Uploads. He enjoys the variety of assignments his job allows him to have. Clients have a multitude of requirements to get information from Epicor to make their operations more efficient, profitable and able to monitor and control. Steve earned both a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing and an Associates Degree in Electro-Mechanical Technology. He is married with 2 sons. Steve is an avid traveler in his spare time, as he has been to 5 of the 7 continents. He also enjoys fixing things around the house and brewing his own beer. Steve wishes he was the Invisible man, so he could spend his time pranking people and getting away with it.

Greg Clauser ERP Implementation Consultant
  • Greg is 4 days older than Israel.
  • Greg was offered a music scholarship to college.
  • Only 106,523rd in line for Packers season tickets.

Greg Clauser

ERP Implementation Consultant

Greg joined 2W Tech in 2015 and is mainly responsible for helping clients with Epicor installations and/or re-implementation and completing help desk tickets. His favorite part of the job is seeing the energy when the light bulb go off in a user as they begins to understand how what we’re doing is really going to help them do their job and get control of their business. Greg has a BS in Business Management from Northern Illinois University and over 40 years of experience in the Manufacturing industry. He is married with 3 children and 3 grandchildren. Greg’s hobbies include playing golf, volleyball and racquetball.  He also enjoys watching his grandchildren play hockey, basketball, volleyball, softball and baseball.

Kathy Canfield Finance/Purchasing
  • Kathy is really short.
  • Kathy grew up in the hippie days, she's a blue jean baby queen!

Kathy Canfield


Kathy started with 2W Tech in August of 2015. She handles the purchasing of the hardware, software, and licenses for clients. She loves her job because she gets to spend someone’s else’s money and then bill other people for it! She is married with 4 children, a couple grandchildren and a pet weenie dog named Peanut.  She spends her free time with her grandchildren or cheering on the Cleveland Indians. Go Tribe! Kathy has a heart of gold and is always willing to help someone. She wears her heart on her sleeve, but tries to cover it up. Kathy believes there is a super hero in all of us, you just have to have the courage to put on the cape! So be yourself and put on that cape!

Mark Jamieson CEO/President
  • Mark is a Nebraska football fan.
  • Mark is a yoga enthusiast.

Mark Jamieson


Mark has been the CEO/President since 2012 and is responsible for pretty much everything and everyone! Mark’s job is to ensure not only are all his teammates are happy and taken care of, but all of 2W Tech’s clients as well. He is always looking at new ways to continue to bring value to our clients. Mark graduated from the University of Arizona. He is married with 2 children.  When he isn’t working at 2W Tech, you can find him officiating a Lacrosse game somewhere.

Diana Whitinger Senior Consultant
  • Diana is really shy.
  • Diana works with charity horse shows.

Diana Whitinger

Senior Consultant

Diana is not only a Senior Consultant at 2W Tech, but she also is the Founder of the company. Her many job roles include working with new clients on implementing Epicor 10, working with existing clients on upgrading from legacy version of Epicor software to Epicor 10,  troubleshooting problems and issue with all version of the Epicor software, as well as mentoring new employees. Diana has a Bachelor’s in Business Administration, as well as an Associate’s Degree in Computer Science. DIana has been married for 46 years, has  2 sons, 1 granddaughter, and many step grandchildren and great grandchildren. She is also wild about animals and has a german shepard, barn cat, 9 American Saddlebred horses and 1 pony. Her hobbies includ raising and showing American Saddlebred Horses, going to the theater and traveling as often as possible.

Autumn Frazier Controller
  • Autumn has broken 9 bones.
  • Autumn is the director of a local pageant.
  • Autumn is a licensed nurse.

Autumn Frazier


Autumn is one of the longest tenured employees at 2W Tech, starting with the company in 1999. Autumn is responsible for day to day accounting activities and maintaining the financial records of 2W Tech. She is, as we like to call her, the Official Bean Counter.  Autumn loves having the ability to work independently and to work with other employees that care so much about the company they work for. She earned an Associates Degree from Duquesne University and a Certification of Finance from Strayer University. Autumn has been married for 25 years and they have one daughter,  and a boatload of pets. Some of their pets include a 19 year old Potbelly Pig, 2 dogs, a Tortoise, Sun Conure, and a lot of feral cats. In her spare time, Autumn enjoys rehabbing old homes & furniture, baking and working with a trap n release program for feral cats.

Cecil Thomas
  • Cecil loves to meditate.
  • Cecil is super, super quiet.

Cecil Thomas

Cecil joined the team in March 2017 and is responsible for helping our IT Clients with their Infrastructure needs. He enjoys helping customers with their hardware/software/network issues and knowing that their problems have been resolved and they are satisfied with the task completed. Cecil has both a Bachelor’s degree in IT and an Associate’s degree in Computing and Management.  Cecil and his wife share 1 daughter. Cecil has a passion for fast cars. If he could be a superhero, it would be Superman because he knows how to handle every difficult situation.

Ronald Fontaine IT Consultant
  • Ron is left-handed.
  • Ron was born and raised in NYC.

Ronald Fontaine

IT Consultant

Ron recently joined the team and is responsible for performing superhuman feats of computing, and assuring that clients needs are met, and taken care of in a timely manner. He enjoys working at 2W Tech because it allows him to learn and interact with new technologies. Ron studied at the Milwaukee School of Engineering. He is married and has many hobbies including: motorcycles, reading books, playing video games, watching movies, flying stunt kites and playing with new technologies. Ron is always happy, therefore is always smiling!

Randy Kohn Client Success Manager
  • Voracious Consumer of Current Events and History.
  • Huge Hockey Fan.

Randy Kohn

Client Success Manager

Randy has been with 2W Tech since 2016 and is responsible for helping 2W Tech’s clients maximize their investments. Randy is married with 2 sons. When Randy is not at 2W Tech, you can often find him officiating Hockey or coaching Hockey. He also is an avid reader and wine drinker.  His other passion is listening to heavy metal music. Randy wishes he was Superman and fighting the never ending battle for truth, justice and the American way.

Jared Hamilton Dispatch Manager / Senior IT Consultant
  • It's an inherited family trait that Jared can spark up a conversation with anyone, even strangers.
  • Jared is probably the pickiest eater on the entire planet.

Jared Hamilton

Dispatch Manager / Senior IT Consultant

Jared’s responsibility includes managing and maintain infrastructure systems including networking, email, security and backup. Upgrade and configure server and backup solutions, as well as cloud based solutions. Jared loves using technology to help clients succeed and he also enjoys having the opportunity to meet new people. Jared is married with 1 dog Oscar. Jared enjoys spending his time writing and recording music, including playing guitar, drums and bass. He also enjoys kayaking and being outdoors. One thing he does not enjoy is early mornings. Every day is a new adventure and Jared loves to wake up each morning to find out what it will be.

Mark Canfield Senior Solutions Architect
  • Mark was a delegate to a national political convention and ran a county political party. I was the youngest chairman.
  • Mark now hates politics.

Mark Canfield

Senior Solutions Architect

Mark joined 2W Tech in 2015. His job is to design solutions for clients, support clients and sales. In short, he tries real hard not to screw up a clients network or server! Mark attended several schools including: Waynesburg University, Lakeland College, Lake Erie College, and the School of hard knocks as well. Mark is married with 4 children and 4 grandchildren. He also has 1 very spoiled rotten doxie named Pnut. Mark used to spend his free time on home repair but now he’s moved into a condo who knows what trouble he is going to get into now.

Sam Plumer Senior Consulting
  • Sam owns three chain saws, though he can only operate one at a time.
  • He has very few secrets.

Sam Plumer

Senior Consulting

Sam joined 2W Tech in 2015 and is responsible for providing Epicor ERP Business and Technical Consulting. Sam graduated with a BS degree in Geology from Clarion University. He has been married for 27 years and has 4 children, 2 large dogs, and other small animals. Sam has a ton of hobbies including: fitness, sports, outdoors, woodworking, automotive/mechanical, construction, farming, cooking, shooting sports, hunting, motorcycles. In addition to a variety of hobbies, Sam also has very diverse musical taste. Sam is envious of the Hulk, because he gets to really work out his anger in a physical way.

Brent Mathews Epicor Consultant
  • He puts his shoes on first thing in the morning before even taking a step.
  • He wants to be Batman so he can drive the batcar.

Brent Mathews

Epicor Consultant

Brent’s duties at 2W Tech include completing service and project tickets, helping customers with troubleshooting, problem solving, and custom requests such as special reports, screens and/or data they need to operate their business. His job does not include a dull moment. He likes the moment when all the pieces of a project come together and it works like a machine. Brent earned both an Associate of Science and Bachelor of Science degree. He has 1 wonderful daughter. Brent’s hobbies include being a mechanic, home refinishing, anything with wheels, cooking, playing softball and the great outdoors. His favorite part of waking up is observing the weather and all its magnificence, knowing it is being shared by those family and friends close to the heart.

Zack Williams Epicor Consultant
  • Zack’s left foot is two sizes smaller than his right.
  • He would be the first one to go in a zombie apocalypse.

Zack Williams

Epicor Consultant

Zack joined the team in May 2016 and works on a wide variety of Epicor projects including implementations, process design, reporting, and customizations. Zack loves having the constant opportunity to work with customers and learn about their business. Being able to help companies grow and build solutions through technology is extremely rewarding. Zack has a Computer Science Degree from Lewis University. Zack married in 2013 and in 2016 they were blessed with twin daughters. They have also picked up a couple of cats along the way. Dog is still pending further discussion. When he is not mastering baby talk, he likes to unwind cooking and listening to a good record. Zack is a big fan of Disney, he believes it truly is the happiest place on Earth. Zack would really like to be Iron Man because he is smart, social, has lots of toys, plus he’s never had to worry about a secret identity.

Erik Rasmussen Epicor Consultant
  • Erik speaks both Japanese and French.
  • He studied radio/film/drama/tv in school.

Erik Rasmussen

Epicor Consultant

As one of the newest member of our team Erik, focuses on specialized Epicor projects. Erik loves helping customers leverage technology to achieve their goals, while demystifying for them the technological tools that they use. He is married with children and 1 dog. He can be found riding his bicycle in all weather conditions and all over the city. He is currently learning to restore classical cars, which is just one more DIY project he is undertaking. Erik likes to spend his free time with his family and serving his church and doing as much as he can to help others.

Alishia Austin Client Support and Project Coordinator
  • Alishia has a 35-year old collection of all the concerts she’s been to.
  • Alishia hates wearing socks.

Alishia Austin

Client Support and Project Coordinator

Alishia joined our awesome team in December 2016. The favorite part of her job is working with the team to identify a new opportunity, then trading ideas and actions for possible solutions and watching the result of a well thought out plan. When she is not solving problems at 2W Tech, she loves to help engaged couples create their own wedding vows and unique ceremonies. Outside of Alishia, you can refer to her as a crazy cat lady or an unapologetic metal head. This doesn’t bother her husband though. Alishia and her husband have been married for 25 years and share 3 amazing kids and 6 beautiful grandchildren. She loves good music, good food, and making memories,

David Wabiszewski Network Consultant
  • High score in bowling is 299
  • Loves to golf

David Wabiszewski

Network Consultant

David has been fixing problems for 2W Tech since January 2016. He is responsible for the day to day management of our IT Infrastructure Group. David, his wife, and his son are outnumbered by the number of pets they are surrounded by. Their family includes 2 labs, 2 guinea pigs, and 2 horses. David enjoys cooking (he used to be a Chef), bowling and mowing the lawn. Ok, he doesn’t enjoy mowing the lawn, but he spends a lot of his free time doing it. He does however, enjoy golfing, particularly when the sun is out and the temperature rises above 60 degrees. His favorite part of waking up every day is seeing his family and animals, it is what makes his life worth living. Well that and working at 2W Tech!

Michael Hirt IT Infrastructure Consultant
  • Michael plays hockey.
  • Michael loves photography in his spare time.
  • Michael loves music.

Michael Hirt

IT Infrastructure Consultant

Since April 2017, Mike has been focusing mostly on Infrastructure maintenance and IT projects for our clients. Give him new technology to play with, whether it’s a new piece of hardware or a software tool that helps solve an issue, and he forgets it’s work he’s doing! Mike graduated from UW Milwaukee with a Bachelors in Information Sciences and a minor in Computer Sciences. He loves playing hockey and video games, listening to music, and has a passion for cars. You can usually find Mike in front of the computer coding something. Mike dreams of the day he could become like Doctor Strange to manipulate time and energy!