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Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure: the newest cloud computing platform and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) created by Microsoft. Benefits of using Microsoft Azure: The infrastructure implement various types of technologies and processes to safeguard the environment Eliminates the need for a physical environment, power, heating, and cooling Eliminates the need for future upgrades and migrations “On premises best practices” applies to Azure CSP Allows for strong compute-on-demand and scaling capabilities Scale-up- increasing storage capabilities Scale-out- cluster computers together in an availability set Auto-scale/elastic compute Ability to add and reduce allocated resources immediately and easily Inbound data is free Site point VPN is free

Microsoft Office 365

With Office 365 Business, familiar tools like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook are available where and when you need them. Office 365 Business Includes: Office Suite Office on PCs, tablets, and phones File storage and sharing Office Online Professional Digital Storytelling Office 365 for Business gives your business reliability, security, privacy, administration, automatic updates, active directory integration, and support.

Failover Device

2W Tech offers an inexpensive failover device that connects directly to your router and redirects internet traffic to a cellular data connection and can save you from unplanned downtime. When your landline internet comes back up, the device simply switches back to the normal connectivity. This product gives you peace of mind that no matter what happens to your internet, you have a backup plan already in place and will automatically activate when needed.

Dashboards & Gauges for Epicor

2W Tech’s Dashboard & Gauges for Epicor provides clean, clear information from your Epicor system at a glance. Imagine an affordable dashboard available through an internet browser integrated to your Epicor system. 2W Tech’s Gauges for Epicor Was Designed to Help Identify Problems You May Not Know About. What is Our Customer On-Time Delivery? How do Sales Compare to Budget? What is Profitability by Customer – Product line – Part? What is the Status of Our Accounts Receivable? What is Our Productivity by Department – Work Center – Resource – Employee? It’s Your Data: Isn’t It Time to Let It Work for You?