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Bounce Back Faster with 2W Tech’s Tune-up for Epicor

There is nothing worse than the feeling of vulnerability that comes with an IT-related disaster. ERP system downtime can expose your business to productivity losses and missed opportunities, costing your organization money.  The mounting downtime, the fear of the unknown in terms of what data was lost, trying to calm the nerves of clients without concrete information, it all adds up to lost money. Why settle for anything less than a backup and disaster recovery solution for your Epicor ERP System that can get you back online within 20 minutes after a disaster hits? 2W Tech’s Tune-up for Epicor doesn’t just backup your data, it gives your organization the ability to access your data in the cloud until your systems can get back up and running (up to 45 days).

2W Tech's Tune up for Epicor Backup and Disaster Recovery solution Epicor Gold Partner2W Tech’s Epicor Tune-up product provides backup and disaster recovery for your ERP in one solution. This affordable and comprehensive solution ensures their Epicor ERP systems are readily available in case of system issues or disasters. It gives them an alternative to traditional backup and disaster recovery solutions that tend to be overly complex and extremely pricey.

Any downtime can be severely damaging to your organization’s bottom line and reputation. Make sure you are protected from unwanted disruptions by using 2W Tech’s Epicor Tune-up. 2W Tech is an Epicor Gold Partner and full-service IT Consulting firm. Contact 2W today for more info.

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